Sunji International IndustrialOur team of international tests is one of the most important guarantees to promote international competitiveness.
Based on the strict implementation of quality management system ISO 9001, Sunji not only makes full use of national resources for scientific research, it also uses first-class technical talent, both domestic and foreign. Through continuous improvement and development, we have formed a quality control system, providing an efficient and durable quality. Here we carry out the inspection of spare parts and on-site inspection to complete the inspection machine.

Sunji International Industrial implements quality control in every chain in production.
The automatic production equipment and advanced can manufacture parts and equipment class. The direct involvement in the production of technical experts ensure the stability and reliability of products. The growing conception of unitary products and continuous industrial products have brought great changes to Sunji. No matter how it is changing the world, the spirit of improvement and overcoming always persists in Sunji International Industrial Co., Ltd.


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